Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Live from New York

I did something crazy last night. Maybe not that crazy, but it's definitely exciting.

I joined my first blog network.

I heard about Metaxu when its first birthday party was mentioned on Galleycat during the paralyzingly slow week between Christmas and New Year's. Since I had the time to do more than my usual scroll & scan, I poked around to see just what it was, and since then I've been happily reading all sorts of things whenever I have a free moment and have already visited all of my other usual stops along the internets. I have no idea if this means more people will read this or not (one can only hope), but it will certainly encourage me to write in here more, at least for the time being.

And speaking of writing more, I'm wondering if perhaps giving myself short-term assignments will help me increase my output. For example: I have three short stories I'm working on, two of which are fanfiction. I'd like to finish them sometime soon, but my brain hasn't been terribly cooperative lately. I used to bristle at the idea of making myself write a certain thing at a certain time, but the last few attempts to focus on one plot/storyline while I was on the train or had a limited amount of time to work on something really were positive, so it may be time to try to impliment this change on a regular basis. I've managed to incorporate 3-4 hours of exercise into my life each week, so perhaps utilizing this same discipline will allow me to work in 3-4 (or more!) hours of writing. I hope.

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